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Are Your Fans Listening?

How to Beat Facebook’s EdgeRank

With Facebook’s recent launch of Graph Search many companies are successfully beginning to hone in on targeted audiences. And while Graph Search is proving to be a valuable tool for b2b companies, it’s the viewership of posts that are still posing questions to social media doubters.

One of the most common questions when it comes to company Pages on Facebook is: Why are only some of our fans seeing our Facebook posts?

Facebook’s EdgeRank is the algorithm which determines who sees what posts at any given time. In a recent article posted by Markitty, author Unmana met with Facebook reps who explained the reasons why EdgeRank shows posts to only some of a Page’s fans.

According to Facebook, the amount of fans that see posts from a particular page depends on three things:

  1. If the fans are online when the post is published

  2. If a specific post hasn’t gotten much engagement from the fans that Facebook has already showed it to

  3. If the fan doesn’t interact with that Page’s posts on a regular basis.

The bottom line? Your page won’t continue to have engagement unless it’s constantly being engaged. And while it’s estimated that only 10% percent of your fans will see any given post with minimal engagement, there are a few things that can be done to improve your chances of engagement and future viewership:

  • Ask to create a buzz: Encourage employees, customers, and friends to share content from your company page onto their personal or company pages. The more shares, likes, and comments a post has, the more likely it will be to reach a larger audience.

  • Tag: Tag companies and people in posts on new business, new hires, or company competitions. Your post will show up on your page, and the page or person’s page that you’ve tagged, thus increasing your exposure by the number of fans/friends of the page/person tagged. (Just be sure to get permission first!)

  • Hashtag: Create a company hashtag and add relevant hashtags to your posts. This increases the chances of non-fans seeing your content through searches.

  • Create engaging posts: It may seem obvious, but the right type of content goes a long way. Videos and photos stand out more on fans’ newsfeeds, and posts asking for fan input increases the chances of receiving a like, comment, or share.

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