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Instagram isn’t just for college kids and celebrities anymore—it’s for businesses, too.

Business-to-business companies around the world are jumping on the Instagram mobile app bandwagon, and they’re doing it well. If you’re looking into incorporating Instagram into your social media plan but don’t know how to express your company in filtered photos, consider these:

Company Culture
Show users what it’s like to work for your company.
Take photos at trade show events, annual meetings, or daily meetings.
Take photos of your trade show displays, other interesting trade show displays, surrounding scenery, your daily cup of coffee, the new wall display in the hallway, or a few employees hard at work.

Show users what your products can do.
Take photos at manufacturing plants, trade show events, conventions, and anywhere your products can be found.
Take photos of materials you work with, machines, and end-use products.

To better develop your Instagram following, create a company hashtag for every post. Not only will all your photos be in one place, but you can later use this hashtag to help promote user interaction. 

Whatever content you decide to show, it’s important to remember to use photo filters and try interesting angles! The point of Instagram is to be creative!

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