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The Button You Never Click—But Should

With the constant rise in social media usage and development, there’s the constant need to receive feedback on just how well your page is actually doing. YouTube’s statistics feature does just that—and more.

Aside from the total amount of videos views, likes and dislikes, YouTube offers some pretty detailed (and free) statistics on each video you post.

  • Activity chart: The activity chart and the data behind it give users an inside look into the specific dates and events which triggered an increase in your video’s traffic. You might see phrases like “First view from a mobile device,” “First referral from Facebook,” and “First referral from related video.” Each of these events is listed as important milestones and includes a total number of views from each of those milestones.
    • Use this information to determine how well your marketing efforts are succeeding. If you put time and resources into promoting your video on Facebook or your website, your results should reflect that. If not, see where people are getting exposed to your video and develop a new strategy.
  • Audiences: The audience statistics give age, gender and location demographics on users who’ve viewed your video.
    • Use this information to determine your target audience. Is this the audience you’ve been marketing towards? If not, consider including your new audience in your marketing plan, and assessing why your target audience isn’t responding as planned.

With both of these features, consider your competition: Check the stats on their videos to find out who is viewing their videos and where they’re finding it.

Keep in mind
While statistics are publicly available, users who upload videos have the ability to disable statistics on their videos.

Gender and age stats are reported through users who watch your video while logged into their YouTube account. If they’re not logged in, they’re not counted in this section.

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