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Blog: September 2012

Making Something Out of Nothing


The ultimate creative challenge—and thrill—is to start with a completely clean slate:  To create an entirely new concept; to visualize something truly new and different. I’ve enjoyed doing pretty much that in creating my garden from a virtually empty backyard. But even then—as with marketing communications—certain fundamentals are useful guides.

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Why Social Media

By now we all know social media isn’t just for college students and music groups—from investment corporations to local businesses, just about everyone is using at least one social media outlet to connect with consumers. But what about B2B companies? How can you use social media when your products or services aren’t for consumers? Below are three ways B2B companies can effectively use social media.

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Branding De-mystified

During a BioOhio seminar a couple of years ago, my talk on marketing communications planning and strategy was interrupted by a presenter from a large agency who declared, “That’s branding—we charge $40,000 for that!” I smiled and replied that many of my clients don’t have that much in their entire budget.

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Keeping Social Media Genuine

In a world of reposts, reblogs, and retweets it’s easy to make a habit of letting others do the talking. Keep your shared content engaging and relevant by answering one of these questions in your repost:

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Social Media: Common Misconceptions

Entering into the social media world as a business can be a bit intimidating—from “likes” and shares to comments and tags, the amount of information and jargon can get overwhelming. But perhaps some of the most important things to learn before setting up a Facebook or Twitter account for your company are the common misconceptions these platforms hold.

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